October 27, 2019

Dear Aiken High School Interact Heroes,

At our Tuesday, October 29, 2019, meeting, we will begin collecting blankets to support the Super Smart Girls Club of Aiken in their Blankets of Love Christmas project.

If possible, please bring a new blanket to my room at Aiken HS and we’ll make sure to get all donations to the Aiken Historical Museum on November 2, 2019. If you can’t have one by Tuesday, any other day this week would be fine, of course.

And if you think you may be a Super Smart Girl, why not check out their web site at https://supersmartgirlclub.org/? I don’t know much about this organization, but this sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Super Smart Girl Characteristics

    1. Super Smart Girl is kind to her friends.
    2. Super Smart Girl is sweet to her parents.
    3. Super Smart Girl shows love and kindness to her family.
    4. Super Smart Girl is respectful and nice.
    5. Super Smart Girl speaks words of kindness and encourage others.
    6. Super Smart Girl dresses neat and always shares a nice smile!
    7. Super Smart Girl completes homework and listens to their teachers.
    8. Super Smart Girl cleans her room and keeps her toys neat.

Of course, we’ll be discussing upcoming events like Rotary’s Polio Plus Breakfast at this meeting.

See you Tuesday! Maybe with a blanket?

Thank you,
Art Lader signature



School Board Forum on November 6, 2019
Aiken Downtown Development Association October 2019

The Aiken High School Rotary Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Aiken

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